In the yard at Churn

I started this week in the best possible way; getting back on my horses! It was so lovely to be back on board and working them, I gave Des, Rush, Smarty and Charlie a school… in hindsight, I completely overdid it and suffered the consequences for the rest of the week. Nausea from the concussion increased, along with the headache, this was very frustrating for me as I felt that I had recovered over the weekend after 2 days symptom free. My ankle also became increasingly painful so I have had to be a lot more careful the rest of the week. However, despite this, it has been a lovely week of riding. The rest of the week I mainly just went for some gentle hacking with Amelia which I am sure was lovely for the horses, and I also gave Amelia a jump on Fanta.

Time for teaching

I had the pleasure of being invited to teach a girl at Cokethorpe team training this week thanks to Aaron Nobbs. It was lovely seeing people who were in my position, as I went to Cokethorpe as well, really thriving and loving their riding. Aaron has kindly asked me to cover the Cokethorpe team training while he is teaching in the US for a couple of months which is very exciting. I am also feeling like a very proud coach today as I found out that 3 girls who I was training for their PC C+ test all passed on first attempt. A huge well done to those girls and I hope that I continue to work with them as they work towards their B test now!

C+ candidates
Well done to the OBHPC C+ candidates for their 100% pass rate.

New boots!

Another highlight of the week was a lovely delivery from my new sponsors PM Equestrian. They have sent me a stunning pair of Parlanti riding boots for home, SJ and XC. They are a lovely and simple design, the leather is of such high quality and the sole is modernised so I have found them very comfortable to be riding in.

Parlanti Boots

The clean up starts

With the yard move in date approaching this weekend coming it has been very exciting to see the progress. The stable doors are now on, it has had a big clean and we are just waiting for rubber matting to be done now. The 15th can’t come soon enough!

The yard at Churn

The season starts for everyone else….

Before I had my fall last month, I’d planned to start the season with the OIu21 trial at Oasby this week and it was tough seeing everyone else get out for their first run while I was still sidelined. The benefit of being off was that I had the opportunity to have a lovely weekend in Durham without the horses. My brother, Adam, is at University there. He is in his final year and has always done a lot of acting, this weekend he was in his last production for Durham Uni, ‘Dogfight’.

On Saturday morning Charlie and I jumped in the car to start the 5 hour drive up north, we picked up my great Aunt, Di, on the way and opened her eyes to the wonder of McDonalds chips! On arrival in Durham we met with Mum and Dad, did some exploring of the beautiful city, before fining a pub to watch the England vs Wales Rugby game. In the pub we met with my Grandad and step-grandma as well as Adam. After an exciting game and meeting some very drunk northerners, we grabbed dinner and headed to the theatre. The play was amazing, as was Adam, and as it was the final night the audience were great as well. To finish the day we took mum, dad and 81 year old Di to a Wetherspoons, not realising that on a Saturday night in Durham it turns into a nightclub. It is fair to say that eyes were opened and after one round of drinks everyone was ready to go to sleep. The next morning we grabbed brunch before driving the 5 hours back home. It was lovely to be able to leave the horses in Amelia’s care for the weekend.