I have always had a keen interest in teaching, and have enjoyed watching trainers different techniques with different horses and riders. I achieved my PC stage 1 coaching at the end of 2016, moved onto my stage 2 at the end of 2017 and then spent 2018 getting 40 hours of experience watching and helping other trainers, as well as doing my first aid and safeguarding qualifications. This enabled me to get my stage 3 coaching qualification in summer of 2019, and become a fully qualified coach. Since then I have enjoyed teaching at a riding school, for pony club, private clients and this summer and am very excited to be teaching at a couple of camps.

I have experience teaching lead-rein children as young as 5, through to competitive eventing teenagers, as well as older riders using their horses as an escape and form of fitness. I particularly enjoy seeing my clients progress and build over time. Having had a lot of dressage training growing up, I feel like I have a good eye at spotting problems and findings solutions that work for that particular combination. I like to coach my clients in a way that they are able to work effectively when they are riding at home, so I base my coaching on my clients understanding what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what we are ultimately trying to achieve. I also enjoy teaching jumping, particularly tricky lines and training for competitions. Each horse has a limited number of jumps in their lifetime and so I am a believer in making every jump count, not just jumping for the sake of jumping.

What’s the difference between teaching and coaching?

As with any sport, as a rider you spend a lot of time first learning and then improving your riding technique. As you progress, the role of an instructor moves to that of a coach, helping you to analyse and adjust your posture, position, aids and technique in order to be a more effective rider, rather than teaching you how to ride. While any instructor can teach the mechanics of riding, a good coach also supports all areas of the rider’s progression to ensure that they are mentally and physically able to fulfil their riding ambitions.

I believe that a successful combination requires a successful support team, of which a coach is a vital part. I’m happy to help with course walking, warming up and de-briefing at events I am also competing at, and if I am not at an event with you and you are having a problem, a wobble or want some advice about a certain fence, I will be on the end of the phone to offer advice. I really know how important that support can be.


Individual: £30

Shared 1 hour: £20 each

Plus travel @45p / mile

Feel free to give me a call on 07817 176111 to discuss what you are looking for!