When I was 10, Tonto sustained a minor injury just before the summer holidays. I couldn’t contemplate a summer without ridings so it was time for a “project pony” to keep me occupied; Smartie Pants.

Sasha Hargreaves riding Smartie Pants

Smartie Pants was a naughty five year old welsh pony with a huge jump and an enormous personality. He was the perfect pony for me to learn the importance of a secure seat, suddenly hitting the brakes without reason and sending me flying over his head. He was deemed too naughty for Pony Club Camp and every day I had to wait for a coach to ride him almost into the ground before he was considered safe enough to get on. Unfortunately at home I didn’t have that sort of help so had to learn how to sit his bucks and anticipate his next move.

I wasn’t too sad when he moved on to his next home and I could move back onto my beloved Tonto.