There is little point in working hard on your horse’s schooling and fitness if you then let them down. When you are riding cross country they need you in perfect balance, out of the saddle, with your weight off their back so that they can do their job unhindered.

Above all, you need to keep yourself in full physical fitness to reduce injuries.

Join one of my live workouts on Instagram to work out alongside me, or try some of my favourite exercises at home.

Personal training at an affordable price

My boyfriend, Charlie Morris, is a qualified Personal Trainer. He really enjoys; helping and motivating people to get fit and stay active.  Now’s the perfect chance to access a personal trainer at a great price. He makes exercise fun and pushes you hard enough to feel great, so you want to come back for more.

Get out into the open air to exercise. Working out surrounded by nature can’t help to make you feel good.

  • Nordic walking or walking
  • Cycling
  • Jogging or running
  • Static bike
  • Outdoor circuits
  • Barn circuits

£10 per hour private. £5 per hour shared.