What a way to start the week! I’m so pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with KBIS! Their insurance is absolutely ideal for a yard like mine, covering teaching, schooling and liveries as well as the crucial employer’s liability insurance.

I’ve made a commitment to myself that throughout my career I will only work with companies and brands that I totally believe in and would be the product or service I would choose first for myself and my horses. How can I truly endorse it otherwise? I worked wrote a blog for KBIS during the Europeans and realised that a lot of their clients and followers were people just like me; they wanted to work with an insurance company supporting, understanding and specialising specifically in horses.

Challenging times

After such a great week last week, this one was much more challenging, both mentally and physically. With the Covid-19 epidemic hitting the UK hard the news came out on Monday that all events were to be cancelled until further notice. All Pony Club training was also to be cancelled, cutting off my regular teaching income.

I think everyone in the eventing and wider equestrian circuit had a heavy heart that day, knowing it was the right decision but wondering when the season would restart.

Planning for Covid-19

Should we keep the horses fit or put them on holiday? Personally, I have decided to continue with my training. I see competitions as a checkpoint of training, it confirms that you are moving in the correct direction. Without competitions you can still train and work towards improvement. I suppose it just takes a little more motivation.

Sadly this meant that a lot of my work for the next month or so was cancelled as people no longer needed help with their horses while they were at school and uni.  I realised that times were going to be tough and I sadly had to let go of Amelia, my one fabulous member of staff, until things get easier. It was incredibly hard; she has been helping with the horses since I got injured and was as excited as me to finally get into the yard.

Within hours, my boyfriend, who’d changed jobs to be closer to the yard, was made redundant too. He was the last in, and inevitably the first out, with C-19 making an impact on so many businesses. This really added to an already mentally challenging few days. After being so excited to finally get started in the yard, the first half of the week was somber, to say the least.

Plum Perfect arrives

Things did start looking up though when I picked up the gorgeous Plum Perfect, my first ever pony. He is retiring with us to be Rush’s companion. He is the biggest time waster and has been great for cuddles in this tough week. I think everyone needs a Plum in their lives.

Grass at last

The majority of this week was just settling into the yard and getting everything sorted. It involved some eventful hacks on the grassy tracks and gallops around Churn Estate with over-excited horses. Luckily I managed to stay on!
With such wet weather it’s been impossible to turn them out for a play in the fields at home for the past weeks, but with such inviting paddocks at Churn I thought it was time to give them a bit of grass.  They all slightly turned themselves inside out in their excitement. Merlin and Des both managing to pull a shoe off… oh, and Smarty took out the electric fence. Thankfully, having got it out of their systems, they all now seem more relaxed.
I spent Saturday teaching 4 clients based near Oxford. This was really rewarding as each rider and horse were so different and so interesting to analyse, but all with brilliant attitudes!
With the C-19 situation getting more intense daily I really hope everyone stays safe and keeps themselves a distance from others to stop this nasty disease spreading further.