A very crazy but good week! At long last my concussion symptoms seem to be going and I can start the gradual return to normal activities. My ankle and foot are feeling so much better although I’ll be going to my lovely physio, Sonya Nightingale, for a few more weeks to strengthen it up and reduce the risk of re-injury. It will be a while before I am back to full activities but I am finally feeling a little more normal and no longer sleeping quite so much.

Back to dressage training

I started the week with dressage lessons on Rush and Des with Rob Lumb. This was my first proper training since injuring myself and sadly it was in pouring rain whilst blowing a gale and in the dark… oh, the love of horses. Both boys worked really well and it has been a while since Rob has seen them so it was so lovely to hear that I was working in the right direction and that they had both made clear improvements. I have mainly worked on their outline being correct but not too strung out, as both horses are rather big and long (Caroline Moore describes riding Des as being like steering the Titanic), they both struggle to sit on their hind legs.

Pony Club coaching

I taught the lovely Pony Club members at Blewbury on Tuesday evening. This is a mini series we are doing, training towards C+ test. It has been amazing seeing this group progress so far over the winter. It’s the little things that are really great to see, for example a horse that used to refuse to canter on the right leg doing a circle of jumps on the right canter lead. Or a girl who used to get very in front of her pony sitting up tall and seeing the pony jump much better underneath her as a result.
On the way home I called in to check on progress at the new yard, ready for moving in on Saturday. It still looks a very long way from being ready. It’s hard to image we’ll be in there at the weekend.

A visit from the vet

On Thursday Spike, the vet, came back out to re-scope Smarty and Rush. They both showed huge improvements in their guts which was so lovely to see. This was followed by the fantastic news that Smarty’s leg was looking and feeling great and I can start jumping him again. THE BEST NEWS!!!!
While he was still feeling sufficiently sleepy from the sedation, I even managed to pull his mane and clip the rest of his head so he looks a bit more presentable. He had been left with several ginger tufty areas when the sedation wore off last time!

Moving in at last!

Thanks to a huge effort from the contractors and their pressure washers, on Saturday the yard was sufficiently ready to move in.  After setting up the stables we transported the horses over, they settled in so nicely but it was very strange to see all the empty stables at home after years of seeing heads over the stable doors.
While Amelia looked after the horses on Sunday, I moved myself into the flat at the yard so I will be near the horses if there are any problems. At last it is starting to feel like all the plans are coming together.