stable designs

What’s on the syllabus?

  • Comment on and discuss the stable described or shown to you, including the necessity for ventilation, light, drainage, shelter and warmth.
  • Discuss what fittings are useful in a stable.

1. Watch:

Training video on stable design

2. Task:

Sketch your perfect stable including sizes and fittings.

3. Discuss:

Think about and read up on the following, ready for the video call to discuss:

  • Getting the right balance of ventilation, warmth and shelter
  • Options for flooring
  • Lighting and electricity
  • Doors and latches
  • Water, feeding and hay
  • Solutions for problem horses: those that get cast, bang their door, crib bite or wind-suck, weave or box walk.

This week’s Zoom call will be at 6pm on Friday 1st May.

If you missed the zoom training session you can watch it here