horse ready to load

What’s on the B Test syllabus?

  • Fit and discuss a variety of rugs and their uses, tail and poll guards, and other travel protection.
  • Put on and discuss a stable bandage and when it might be used.

1. Watch:

Video: How to put on a tail bandage

2. Task:

Put on a stable bandage and tail bandage.  Teach someone else how to. It’s a great way to see if you can explain to an examiner what you are doing and why!

3. Discuss:

Think about and read up on the following, ready for the video call to discuss:

  • Which rugs you feel your horse needs as their “essential” wardrobe for winter and summer.
  • How would you fit a New Zealand rug for a windy day?
  • When would you use a neck cover?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of indoor/outdoor rugs?
  • What rugs should your horse wear for different types of travelling. eg long or short journeys, hot weather or cold weather, in a trailer or in lorries with other horses?
  • What protection should your horse wear for loading and travelling?

4. Join in the Zoom training:

If you missed the zoom training session you can watch it here.