Pelham bit

What’s on the syllabus?

  • Explain the families of bits, their characteristics and actions.
  • Discuss the probable reactions of the horse to the different types of bit.
  • Inspect bits for soundness.
  • Recognise various types of boots and their uses.

1. Watch:

Video: Boots – fitting and using different types of boots.

2. Task:

Check your own horse’s boots for correct fit.

horse boots

3. Discuss:

Think about the following questions ready for the discussion on Friday evening.

  • What sort of bit do you use?
  • When would you use a different bit?
  • How would you know if your horse is under bitted or over bitted?
  • What type of boots might you use in different situations?
  • What can happen if the boots aren’t a good fit?
  • How do you care for your boots after use?

4. Watch the Zoom training

If you missed the zoom training session you can watch it here