horse first aid

What’s on the syllabus?

  • Identify the signs of good health and good condition, and apply these to the horse shown to you.
  • Explain how to take the horse’s temperature, pulse and respiration rates, and know what these should be in a healthy horse at rest.
  • Describe the contents of a well-stocked first aid cabinet.
  • Understand the methods of worm control, and problems caused by worms.
  • Describe various ways of how to administer a wormer.
  • Know the need and timing of vaccinations and that these should be recorded in the horse’s passport.
  • Know that a passport needs to be kept with the horse at all times.
  • Discuss how to administer medicine in food.
  • Recognise and manage the most common causes of lameness and ill health including: minor wounds, colic, strangles, laminitis, tying up and atypical myopathy.
  • Know the most appropriate time to call the Vet for any of the above.

1. Watch:

Video: How to condition score a horse or pony

2. Task:

Make a not of you horse’s temperature, pulse and respiration rate so you know what is normal for them.

Set up a vaccination and worming calendar online, with automatic reminders.

3. Discuss

  • When would you need to check temperature, pulse and respiration more carefully?
  • Why have flu vaccination intervals changed recently?
  • What is your preferred method of worm control, and why?
  • When would you call a vet?

4. Join the Zoom on Friday

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