sasha hargreaves fitness horses

What’s on the syllabus?

  • Have a clear knowledge of exercise for a grass kept pony and a stabled horse.
  • Be able to describe a fitness programme and a daily plan for horses or ponies competing up to Pony Club Intermediate/Open Area competitions.
  • Be able to discuss issues which might affect a horse’s fitness programme.
  • Show knowledge of good practice in the care and management of horse/ponies.
  • Know how horses may behave when turned out, and discuss how this affects their welfare.

2. Task

Make a note of how you’d get your horse ready and at peak performance for an event on 20th July.

3. Discuss

During the session on Friday we’ll be discussing the following:

  • What is fitness and why is it important?
  • Different types of fitness for different activities
  • How much rest and recovery time is needed, during and after the season
  • Fitness program for eventing up to PC Open / BE Novice level
  • Fitness, nutrition and mental resilience for the rider
  • The benefits of keeping different types of horses in a stable or at grass for peak performance

4. Join the Zoom on Friday

If you missed the zoom training session you can watch it here.