The week started with an early morning vetting of a very exciting and talented horse. The vet check is an essential part of buying a new horse and is just as stressful for the person selling as for the person buying. I prefer my own vet to do the vetting, rather than one local to the seller, because they know what I’m looking for and my tolerance to risk, so Spike and Cheryl had a 5.30am start to their Monday morning to drive up from Lambourn to meet me at the seller’s yard.  With older eventers that have seen a lot of action it’s not unusual to find a weakness or slight lameness that can be managed. However this was a four year old and when Spike was unable to find a reason for a weakness on one of his hind legs, we had to make the hard decision to walk away.

We spent the Monday night with Rush and Des stabled at Vale View so that Caroline Moore could school them for me while I can’t get on myself. They both worked really well and it was so lovely to see them working hard and looking good. I really cannot wait to get back on them! My ankle is feeling so much better so now it’s just a waiting game for my head, which is providing some absolutely awful headaches. I have found myself rewatching past Badminton’s and wishing I could just get out there and ride my horses. Hopefully not long to go now.

After several months negotiating we got the extremely exciting news this week that I will be moving my horses out of our tiny stable block at home and to a ‘proper’ yard on the 14th of March. My boyfriend Charlie and I will be moving there with them. Everything has gone slightly crazy now as we try to get everything organised and in place ready for that. This has included buying myself a pickup truck this week, very exciting but very expensive!
A belated birthday trip for me on Thursday night at the Secret Theatre in London to see Stranger Things. This was an amazing and completely different experience. We had to dress as 1980s Rockers and I was trusted to sort outfits. One of the odd effects of concussion is a tendency to get confused and a few hours before we left we realised I’d accidentally got 1970s outfits for us all.  We had a last minute panic to change 70s flares and leopard print for 80s leather and denim! A family friend is the main part “Eleven” so it was lovely to see her and catch up with her for a drink afterwards.

At the end of the week we said goodbye to my lovely livery Al as he moves back home after a winter of “boot camp” with me. I will really miss his little face on the yard and I have absolutely loved watching him and Lottie grow with each other and really develop a bond.

The one benefit of being unable to ride is that I have had plenty of time for teaching Pony Club. Over the weekend we had a great jumping rally in some horrible rain, hail and gusts of winds. The children did amazingly well in the weather and carried on smiling regardless. I made it through with the support of lots of tea and flapjacks from Pony Club mums and the rally organiser!