Still very concussed and restricted to crutches so this week went very slowly. It was mainly a week of recovery and rest which was something I found pretty difficult. I found that I spent a lot of time feeling a bit sorry for myself, which is so unproductive and so unhelpful. The horses kept ticking along with Amelia riding them and I kept ticking along with some Pony Club teaching, but a very wet week made this quite horrible for anyone working with horses!
At the end of the week we took Charlie, Rush and Des loose schooling with Fiona Dowding. It was so lovely to see them be free, find their stride and just be horses. They absolutely loved it and it was great to see the way they move and jump whilst on the ground. When they are free from their rider you not only see how they naturally move and jump, but also see so much more of their personalities. I sure do have some very special horses! Des was over confident and cocky, Rush was anxious without really clear direction and Charlie demonstrated his total lack of fear of anyone with a whip. Dad had quite a workout chasing him round the school!
We took Des and Rush up to stay at Richard Coney’s stunning yard at Honington Grange over the weekend. I had planned to be up there for training on the Saturday, Monday and Tuesday so before I was injured all the arrangements were in place to celebrate my Mum’s 50th up there on the Sunday. We spent a lovely weekend at Belton Woods Hotel with Mum, Dad and my brother Adam which was an absolutely lovely little spa break and time with the family.