Birthday cake

Last week started with a new member of staff starting. The lovely Amelia had the end of Storm Ciara to battle with but did a great job getting into things and has been busied with riding, lunging, mane pulling, clipping, you name it! I’ve spent a lot of time out on the yard feeling useless and so gave Amelia a few lessons on Rush and Smarty, which was very nice to see them going from the ground, however it didn’t all go swimmingly. Smarty has very strong opinions,. Last year we thought about leasing him and when someone tried him he refused to jump and even put them on the floor. When Amelia got on him, he tried a whole new trick, he suddenly presented lame but on further inspection and after a very big kick he stopped faking it and worked very well. He’s an odd horse in so many ways but I really wouldn’t have it any different!

I’m hoping the weather improves this week so that we don’t find ourselves hiding in the stables and tack room as much!

I’ve also been back to my brilliant horse AND human physio, Sonya Nightingale. Despite the painful manipulations she does on my foot there is real improvement coming along and it’s great to be able to be treated by someone who knows how important it is for me to get back on a horse as soon as possible, but also someone who knows my horses and so can really accurately judge when it is safe for me to get back on.

Later on in the week I celebrated my 20th birthday in a very traditional way… going to see a concussion expert. I am very lucky in that I had a baseline concussion test done last year by ConcussionIQ and so they have data on how my brain usually works.  I re-did all the tests from last year and they could then see the difference and where the concussion was most affecting me. I think this is so important as head injuries can have such long lasting effects if not looked after properly when they first happen. My balance and eyesight are still really compromised, so I have to avoid all screen time and am spending a lot of time on a balance board.

Balance board

I did finish the day with a nice birthday dinner so it wasn’t all tests and doctors!

The weekend was spent battling another storm. We had to send Smarty off to a different yard as we are one stable short and couldn’t bear to leave the hunter in the field to brave the weather for another weekend of rain and wind. However we have been very lucky, being on top of a hill we experienced the worst of the wind however didn’t experience any flooding which is great. I am feeling very sorry for all the people dealing with floods at the moment and can’t see the event season starting in just two weeks…