C+ Test is the first of the Pony Club tests that you really need to work for. You should be able to pass your E, D, D+ and C Tests from what you have learnt during normal rallies.

The minimum age to take C+ is 13 and it can be taken in two parts; stable management and riding. The badge is turquoise.

For C+ Test stable management you need to demonstrate that you have practical experience and knowledge of the care of a stabled pony and of a pony at grass.

For C+ Test riding you need to show that you are an educated and practical rider and can ride over showjumping and cross country fences at all paces. You might be asked to ride someone else’s pony on the flat as well as your own, although usually only if yours isn’t responding to the correct aids.

The jumping is around 80-85cm and should include a course of show jumps and a selection of cross country fences.